Our Dog Training Philosophy

Our dog training philosophy of “training one dog at a time” means just that. Each dog receives one-on-one training following a program designed for that particular dog’s needs and aptitude. We design the training program according to what the dog needs --- not design the dog around our training method. This difference of philosophies explains our success in training.

Basic obedience learning occurs when instruction is provided in a relaxed environment so that dogs are having fun as well as learning to be obedient. Following this philosophy learning becomes easier and less stressful.


"Daisey" the Redbone Hound


During the stay for training at Furrst Place, your pet will participate in a training program that molds discipline, but yet allows your pet fun times to romp in the yard, run full tilt in the fields, or swim in the lake.

We do not bind and mold a dog to meet the idiosyncrasies of our training method; instead, we draw from our many years of experience (a combined total of over 40 years) to apply our methods to meet the idiosyncrasies of each dog.

Experience has taught us that each dog is different and must be trained as an individual and not forced into a rigid training program that does not meet the needs of your dog or your lifestyle.


"Dixie" enjoying toy in yard


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