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Dear Laura,

"We hate to contact you on such short notice, and we apologize. We have been called away on business to Europe for two weeks beginning this Sunday the 10th. We asked 'Beaux' what he wanted to do and he found and pulled out your Christmas Card."

"Coincidence? We think not. Would you be able to take him from the 9th until the 25th? We would be so grateful, and Beaux would really enjoy the visit. (He likes you both very much.)"



"We will be happy to remit payment in advance of course (you are so worth it!). Either way, we really enjoyed the Christmas cards and watching your move to your new home and the pictures of everyone. We wish you the very best. Please find attached picture of Beaux, he is so very beautiful (and he does "leave it" very well!)."

Kind regards,

David & Leanna


"A great big THANK YOU to Laura for all of her support, enlightenment and encouragement. With her help and training I have gone further than I had hoped."

"I have in the past year and a half put 7 titles on two dogs - 'Mikey', a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and 'Tex', a German Shepherd Dog. We are in active preparation to begin competing for two more titles this year."



"My goal with 'Mikey' is earn an invitation to represent the Cardigans at the National Obedience Invitational. My goal with 'Tex' is an Open title and possibly a Utility title too. We are learning those little intricacies that are making us truly competitive under Laura's keen instruction. Again, Thank you."

"I checked with the CWCCA website and 'Mikey' has been listed as earning the CWCCA Versatility award VC. I have not received notice myself but it is posted."

"Also I checked on the Front and Finish website and he earned 47 Delaney points last year. That would place him second in the breed if compared to the 2003 rankings. So I think we did good."

Kathleen Conway, UCD Ch Mikey CD RE PT and Tex CD RN

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"Just wanted to say another big THANK YOU!!!"

"We are settling back in and Lucy is a joy to be around now! The family is slowly "getting" how to deal with her by using the proper commands and correcting her."

"We just went for a walk around the neighborhood which I had quit doing because she was so difficult. She was PERFECT. I'm very, very impressed."



"I just wanted to write and let you guys know how Maddy's second attempt at dove hunting went."

"Overall, she did a great job. Most of the birds that she found and picked up were birds that she had to hunt for (dead bird). She was a little slow in finding them, but I think she was really tired from lack of sleep in a strange place."

"On a couple of occasions the birds were not dead and she had a blast flushing them and then pouncing on them when they hit the ground again. The hunting was pretty quick as dove hunting usually is, so there were not many birds that I could shoot, have her mark and then fetch but the couple that she did see she ran to right away and retrieved without fail."

"I think she finally put this whole thing together and had fun. On a couple of occasions she got over-zealous and took the birds back out of my hand after I got them away from her. She wanted to play which was alright with me."

"I think the most amazing thing about all of this was the fact that I forgot her collar at home! She did all of this without any electric help. How amazing is that?"

"Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all the time and energy you put into her. I had a blast working with her this hunt and am excited to get out there with her again."

Dan and Leah


"I cannot express my gratitude toward the in-home training session we had last night. It was by far the best training session I have ever had with one of my dogs. After you left we worked with the basic commands and then kennel."



"This morning Blue is more willing than EVER to work with me and do exactly what I say with an almost immediate response. It is amazing what you can get by doing repetition work. Now “bed” and “kennel” is as simple as saying the command.”

"You have done wonders with the three dogs you have trained for us.

Pickles has to be the most willing-to-please dog I have ever owned. Having you train him at such a young age has made a big difference. It is remarkable what you can do with a young dog if it is given the opportunity to learn."

"I felt like I needed to give you another Thank You! Have a good week."

Ellen Turley


"Our Golden 'Wilson' is a member of the family. I called [Laura] and told her after a couple of weeks of training that I thought she gave me the wrong dog back (kidding her). Of course she denied doing so. He was returned as a very obedient and pleasant dog to be with and he has remained well trained without much additional work with me."

"I remain very impressed with Laura's work. 'Wilson' is a great member of my family and we all enjoy having him with us. We have few issues with him."

Dr. Brad Wilson


"Kate did very well on her first bird hunt. I however didn't do as good. Anyway, she did great on the birds that I shot. She even held at heel and didn't break. I still have to coordinate myself to help her on the stay."

"I had a buddy shoot a bird that he couldn't find and he asked if Kate could help. I took her over there, told her to hunt it up, and turned to talk to Terry. The next thing we see is Kate at heel with the dove in her mouth. WHAT A GREAT DOG!!!! I haven't worked as much as I wanted to in the yard but she is still eager and willing."

Mark Goring


"Hi Laura. Katy got 3rd place on Saturday and FIRST PLACE on Sunday!"

Richard Sullivan


"Trey Lander was very impressed with your work. He had nothing but good things to say."

Ferg McNiel


"...thank you... I rave about your work. 'Radar' is the best dog. By the way, 'Radar' is great. Growing like a champ. No more bowel probs. Sleeps in the crate every night, quietly. Has only occasional accidents in the house...but more our fault than his. He does scratch at the door to go out to "potty" now though. It is GREAT!!! He is still a puppy and gets a little over excited but that is normal and as he matures he will calm a bit."

"We love him dearly."

Leigh Wagner

"I felt my Boykin Spaniel 'Cocoa' was hopeless. The last dove hunt with her was disasterous; my friend Kay was with me."

"Out of frustration, on the way home from the hunt, I dropped her off at Furrst Place for training. She was returned to me an obedient, well-trained dog."



"My friend, Kay, and I were hunting with her this past dove season and a dove was shot across two fence rows of bramble and briars and landed over 100 yards away."

"Kay's response was "don't even bother sending her - she can't find that bird." Well, I sent her any way. She was lost to my vision almost immediately so I couldn't handle or help her - so, I just waited."

"Low and behold, here she comes pushing through the briars with bird in mouth. Kay's retort: "We'll I'll be d*****. I am truly amazed that Cocoa is now a true "bird dog."

"So far, she has not left one bird in the field! "

Bobbie Maples

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