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Field Obedience Training

(Hunt Test Participant or Gun Dog Training)

The Furrst Place field obedience training program begins with obedience and force fetch and transitions into basic marking concepts. Whether you compete in hunt tests or just want a dog to hunt with on the weekends, the program is tailored to meet your specific goals.


Furrst Place Client Bobbie Maples & "Cocoa"



We keep the number of dogs in training to a low number for several reasons (one because we train in many other venues), but the important reason is because we want to have time to treat each and every dog as an individual -- not one in a mass of other dogs.


Laura and "Quest"                      Don and "Journey"
at GRCA National WCX test                  at GRCA National WCX test


We offer individual training to the owner during this process so that he knows how to handle his dog and continue the training. The owners are not left out in the cold when the dog goes home.

After your dog is back home with you, we encourage your participation in our daily/weekend group training sessions to keep your dog fine tuned.


Laura and "Quest"
in competition at GRCA National


The land and water at the D-Bar-L Ranch provide wonderful scenarios for field training: rolling hills for land marks as well as swimming water with technical points for cheating work and swim-bys.


"Quest" returning with Pigeon


"Journey" - water entry


"Journey" returning with Mallard


"Desi" high-diving after Mallard


"Desi" returning with Mallard


"Zach" - 1st Ribbon


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