OTCh KC’s Mystic Fortune of Barty “Fame”


January 23, 1991 – May 8, 2001



Fame's obedience career started with winning First Places and High-in-Trials in Novice competing against 200 or so dogs. He obtained his Obedience Trial Championship in 37 days. He entered the GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame in 1995. In 1995 he was the recipient of the OTCh Topbrass Rickoshay Barty Perpetual Trophy sponsored by the Golden Retriever Club of America. In his career in obedience he accumulated 1,436 Obedience Trial points (that is equal to over 14 OTCh's), 64 High-in-Trials, and 55 High-Combined awards. In 1995 Fame was #3 Golden Retriever and in 1996 he was the #2 Golden Retriever and #3 all-breed highest scoring dog as ranked by OTCh points competing with dogs all across the United States. He maintained his statue in the competition obedience world by consistently placing in the top five of all other ranking systems. Although Fame's career was centered in obedience competition, he excelled in field when he got the opportunity to work.

He was the leader in our household of dogs; all the other dogs respected his quiet control and his leadership. He guided the pack without the first ruffle of scruff - always quiet and without pompas. Fame always slept with me and his spot on the bed was by my right shoulder. Not a single dog in the household would attempt to claim his spot even after his death. He has been dead for 4 years and no one sleeps by my right shoulder. It was his place by my side and even today all the dogs still respect his position on the bed.

When Fame died of tick disease in 2001, the obedience community lost a true legend. I lost a soul mate.




WWhistler's Cash on Demand CD, Top Twenty Contestant, Nationally Ranked



OTCh Ginge Top Hat and Tails


May 31, 1985 - April 19, 1998



Tux was a fabulous competitor in both field and obedience. He earned his JH and WCX in the field and in obedience was ranked in the top 20 lineup of Obedience Trial Champions in the United States. His obedience career accumulated 339 OTCh points with 15 High-in-Trials and 8 High-Combined Awards.

Tux was in the Golden Retriever Club of America's Obedience Hall of Fame



Kuventre's Mankato Brave


March 17, 1986 - May 1998



Royalmead's Loki's Chance CDX





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...beside you at your special spot on the pier

I will remember you there…as well as…
When you danced in anticipation around me in the obedience ring,

When you held your leash in your mouth as
you practiced fronts and finishes,

When you made it your job to carry your article bag
to the utility ring and neatly grab it again on the way out,

When you helped to break down the training equipment
after practice,

When your eyes lit up and your muscles tensed at
the first glimpse of gunners in the field,

And when you joyfully danced around the truck
with a bumper in your mouth as if to say,
“Life is good.”

Also, I’ll never forget your chosen place on the bed
(now empty)
– yes, the one that no one now chooses to fill.

Fame, what a marvelous gift you gave me…
You loved me with your whole being;

You gave me your heart and soul
and made me the center of your life;

And, likewise, you became the center of mine.

You have taken a part of me with you my special friend,

But you have also left a part of you with me –
your indelible memories.

My heart will ache, but I’ll cherish them always.

Until the other spot on the pier is filled…

~ Laura