Laura's "Desi" & Don's "Journey" as puppies in England


"Desi" at Holway Summer House - August 1999


"Desi" & Laura in Garden at Holway Summer House




"Dezzy", Laura & "Quincy"


June Atkinson's Gang


"Dezzy" & Laura


June Atkinson Training with "Quilla", "Quincy" & "Dazzle"


"Dezzy" & "Quilla" in Training


"Dezzy" Returning with Bumper in Training


Holway Clan - "Quilla", "Quincy", "Dazzle" & "Dezzy"

(These dogs are Laura's "Desi's" Great Aunts,
Mother & Grandfather)


Holway "Dazzle" - Laura's "Desi's" Mother


Holway "Dezzy"


FCh Holway "Eppie" - "Quest's" Grandmother


"Remus" - "Desi" & "Journey's" Father


June Atkinson's Summer House (Rear View)


Gardens at the Summer House


"Dezzy" & June Atkinson at Hunt Test



Royal Oak Pub


Dorchester Church


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