I am pleased to introduce you to some of the dogs that have been trained at Furrst Place K-9 Obedience. Each of the ten breeds pictured below was enrolled in a training program specifically tailored for that dog.


Jim Ware's Golden Retriever "Dixie"
in Gun Dog Training at Furrst Place


Paula & Keith Evans' Gordon Setter "Neiman"
upon Graduation at Furrst Place


Paula Bothner's Great Dane "Roux"
responding to "Bed" command


Paula Bothner's Jack Russell Terrier "Oliver"
doing that "Bed" thing...


- Best Friends -

"Roux" and "Oliver"

Kathleen Conway's German Shepherd "Tex"
a High-in-Trial Shepherd


Marlene Walden's "Chelsea"
GRCA WC Qualifier


Candy Lawless' "Lucy"
enjoying a swim


Bobbie Maples' Boykin Spaniel "Cocoa"
after completion of field training at Furrst Place


Kathleen Conway and her German Shepherd
winning High-in-Trial


Kathleen Conway's Corgi "Mikey"
doing 'Stay' at the Corgi Nationals


Kathleen Conway's Corgi "Mikey"
in Obedience Competition


Other scenes of "Mikey" in competition


Brooke Turley and "Pickles"

Proof that Furrst Place training programs actually
make your dog a member of the family...


"Pickles" catching his stride...


Richard Sullivan's Standard Poodle "Katy"
wins First Place after training at Furrst Place


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