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At Furrst Place, I provide dog nutrition counseling to obtain the optimum health of your canine furkid and maximum performance for the working dog. I can also assist in resolving health issues related to nutrition. Several varieties of fresh raw frozen food or holistic kibble as well as supplements are available for sale.

After having 2 dogs die with cancer and several dogs succumb to chronic disease, I began a lifelong research effort into canine nutrition. It is my belief that proper nutrition is vital to health as it supports the immune system so that dogs are naturally able to fight off disease, ticks, fleas, mange, chemical and environmental exposures, and a myriad of other problems bombarding our pets today. I have learned that quality, human-grade protein that is bioavailable to the dog and food that is without additives and preservatives promotes the proper functioning of the immune system. Enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics are essential for proper canine nutrition.

Breeders and performance enthusiasts were the first to recognize nutrition to be a vital role in producing healthy, disease resistant animals.

Catching hold among pet owners is the belief that dogs need a raw, natural diet for optimum health and a functioning immune system. If raw feeding does not fit into your lifestyle, a high-quality, holistic kibble made with USDA inspected, human grade meat sources along with enzymes and probiotics is an absolute must. Please understand that all kibbles are not created equal. Some manufacturers add meat from unknown sources that are unsuitable for digestion and proper canine nutrition.

Most kibble manufacturers use grain as a source of protein. Dogs are carnivores (meat-eaters). Grains are an ill source for protein and are probably the #1 producer of allergies in pets. The Merck Veterinary Manual tells us that dogs "have no dietary requirement for carbohydrate." If that is true (and it has proven true in my experiences), there is no role for grains in the diet of a canine. They, instead, need human grade meats. Grains are also metabolized by the body into glucose which is known to feed cancer.

I provide nutritional counseling for pet owners to initiate their own nutritional programs for their pets. Phone consults are welcomed.

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