Dog Household Obedience Training

I offer clients dog household obedience training on a facility combined with a unique boarding concept in a picturesque ranch setting putting the “city life” on hold.

Therapy Dog Training

I also offer a training program to qualify your dog as a therapy dog. Therapy dogs assist in many venues such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and assisted reading programs for children in schools.


We start training pups young.


Imagine a “camp for dogs on a doggie dude ranch”. Our regularly scheduled training sessions are interspersed with swims in the lake and romps in the fields. Sounds like memories of your summer camps as a child, right? Very similar, indeed, as we fashion our training program like summer camp for the canine youngsters in the family.


"Off Duty"


Can you think of a better setting for a boarding and training facility? Drop your furrkid off for a two-week board-and-train while the family is on vacation.

The family can relax and enjoy their vacation knowing that the canine family member is safe and secure while receiving the best of care and training.


"Roux" exhibiting Mandatory Bed


Roux showing off his "High Five." Oliver supervises.


Exercise - BeeGee Running


DExercise - Desi Running


Exercise - Desi Swimming


Furrst Place offers a two (or three) week camp teaching basic obedience and social skills. Our curriculum encompasses a 'wish' list from the owner so that the program is tailored specifically for your lifestyle. Examples of trainable behaviors often included in a two-week training period include the following:

· Sit
· Stay
· Stand
· Easy
· Down from Sit
· Down from Stand
· Heel
· Come/Here
· Walk on Leash
· Recall
· Get it
· Leave it
· Counter Surfing
· Anti-Bolting
· Kennel Up
· Free
· Get Back
· Off
· Bed
· Quiet
· Wait until invited to Go Through Doors
· Collar Conditioning


"Miles" learning how to Sit-Stay


I teach specific behaviors tailored to the family’s individual needs. Some of which could include: staying out of different parts of the house; staying on the porch/deck; loading up in the car. These specific behaviors are infinite.

If time allows and the dog is willing, some of Laura’s “parlor” tricks are taught:

High Five
Bang! You’re Dead!
Gimme Five
Five More
Gimme Ten
Twist N Shout
You’re Under Arrest, and many more...


"Chester" arriving at Featherquest


English Setter "Woody" riding in the 4-Wheeler


Take advantage of your vacation time and have your dog trained while you are away. Don’t throw away your time and money on boarding when your dog can be trained at the same time.

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