OTCh Holway Destinee ByDesign UDX2



New Announcement:

Desi is now an Obedience Trial Champion!

Desi was imported from the Holway Kennel in 1999. His ancestors are all from field competition stock. He has a ruthless desire and aptitude in the field competition. He currently has a JH and WCX, but is working on SH and MH.

In obedience, Desi set a world record when he began his Novice Obedience career with 4 show-stopping perfect scores. He received these 200's the first four times he entered the AKC obedience rings. After completing 18 performances, his average score was 199.2 (200 being a perfect score).

Desi now has his OTCh (Obedience Trial Championship) with multiple placements and High-in-Trials.


Desi at 7 Weeks with Bird Wing in England
before he came to USA


Desi Retrieving Duck


Desi Taking a Break...


Desi Head Study taken in April 2005


Post Card of Desi in Indian Paint


Desi in Competition Obedience


Desi in Competition Obedience


Desi Executing Water Entry


Action shot at the GRCA National on Lake Erie


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