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My soul mate KC's Mystic Fortune of Barty "Fame" was an exceptional dog - truly amazing and talented in both field and obedience. He was purchased from the KC Kennel in Austin and his ancestors go back to the Holway Kennel (June Atkinson) in England who developed the field Golden as we know it today in the United States. In order to closely replicate the immense desire, biddability, and sheer joy in Fame, I thought "why not go back to the source?" So, I established a relationship with Mrs. Atkinson and she agreed to sell me a puppy. "Quest," Featherquest Jade was the first dog I imported from England; so I went on a "quest" for an exceptional Golden Retriever. "Desi," Holway Destinee ByDesign was the third import from England; hence, I found my "destiny" in my search for an impeccable Golden Retriever. ByDesign is my official kennel name.

Even though I started competition obedience with Dobermans, I have been a Golden Retriever enthusiast for a long time - some 20 years or more. When I decided to purchase a Labrador Retriever, the names were inevitable: ByDesign's Side Step a/k/a "Stepper".


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